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Chakras are energy vortexes or energy centres that are directly related to your physical energetic and emotional bodies. Thousands of chakra’s run through our bodies, but there are 7 major chakras.

The chakra system holds your body’s energy or Prana.

The 7 major chakras, align with our spine, starting at the base of your spine and continuing up through your spinal area to your crown. These are invisible healing energy called Prana, it is your vital life force which keeps you vibrant, healthy and alive.

Chakras can become blocked and unbalanced. Once unblocked or cleared then the energy or prana can run seamlessly though your body. Helping you to reach your highest potential and to live in a grounded harmonic body.

When healing chakra’s we start with the root chakra, exploring ideas of safety, nourishment belonging, finances and family. Then we move up to the sacral chakra.

The health of our lower chakras is crucial for the health of the upper chakras. Without a sense of grounding, stability, and safety it may feel jarring to open the third eye or crown chakra that are related to intuition, Devine connection and higher knowing.

Each chakra has specific properties, associated color and seed mantras. Our behaviour is influenced by the energy flowing through our chakras. Some believe the energy structure of our chakras comes to us from our past and previous lives.

When chakras are balanced you will feel more harmonious, creative, grounded and like you can reach your highest potential. There many ways to unblock them. In one of our retreats, I will teach you how to unblock them.

There is so much that can be learned so I'll be breaking it down in a series taking a more in-depth look at each of the 7 major chakras.