Why Choose Healing Haven

Healing Haven is a magical place where healing happens. Walking into this space you immediately feel the peace and calm energy. Many spirit guides, angels, goddess, and fairies are here waiting to greet you. You will learn how to be open to these energies. The space is cleared daily with sound, scents and intentions.
Other practitioners are available to provided added healing.

Specialized retreats for groups of 7-8 woman can be arranged, the theme of the retreat can be determined based on the groups needs!

Independent Stays – $125.00 / night

Also offering minimum 2 night stays at Healing Haven to escape the city and your busy life. Come relax and rest, connect with nature and enjoy the magic here. You will have full use of the property, kitchen and the tools that are here. Specialized treatments, appointments, and Yoga can be arranged for an extra fee.  Prince Edward County has many special places to visit including beaches, wineries, shops, restaurants and art.  

Come and exhale with us.


Where are you located?
We are located in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada.
The nearest airport is Toronto Pearson. You can take a train or bus to Prince Edward County, which is a 2-hour drive east (we can also look at ride shares).
Who should attend?

Healing Haven is a women only retreat centre. 

Open to those 20 years of age and over, with the capacity to do some emotional healing and learning.

What are the accomodations?
This old farm house has been completely renovated, it has magicall healing energies.
We can accommodate 8-10 women. The rooms are shared with a combination of bunk beds, double beds, a day bed and queen size bed. There are 2 full bathrooms with deep bathtubs, a hot tub and, in the summer months, a pool. We are also close to a local beach if you would like to go for a swim there during one of our breaks. There is lots of parking, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. A living room for discussions and a meeting room for circles. We also have the Womb room for meditations.

There is lots of space and places on the property to go off on your own for self-reflection as part of your healing process. We have a beautiful garden, vegetable garden and a pumpkin patch.
Healthy plant based meals will be available to nourish your heart and soul. 

If you have specific dietary needs, please share when registering.
What to bring?
A journal to write in, any music you may need, favourite items that bring you comfort. Comfortable clothes. Drums or rattles if you have them. Please bring items that help you sleep: CPAP machines, ear plugs, sleep aids etc.

Please bring a towel and if you have a favorite pillow or blanket, bring that as well.
Each participant must agree to an oath of confidentiality. Everything said, shared or disclosed is confidential. This is imperative to create a safe therapeutic environment.

Any discrimination or, bullying will not be tolerated. This is a safe space.
Terms and Conditions
The workshops will have an investment amount assigned to each workshop. Please check the individual write ups.
The retreats, there is an early bird investment as well as an investment amount after the early bird date.

Payment: Payment is made asap through email money transfer to Healingheavenretreats@gmail.com

Refund: If it is 2 weeks before the retreat a full refund minus 20% for administrative fee’s will be refunded. If it is less than 2 weeks prior no refunds will be available. (This is for scheduling and planning purposes.)

About the creator 
and owner

I’m not sure if I was aware of my spirituality when I was younger but it definitely began to become clearer to me when I started working at Princess Margaret Hospital, a cancer hospital in Toronto, in my early 20’s when I was just starting out in my nursing career. As I sat with patients who were dying of cancer, I realized I was able to help them get to a place of acceptance and peace during this last stage of their life, and this was very rewarding for me.

When people are dying they want to talk about dying and many family members don’t want to talk about death and dying. I would often see families gathered around their loved ones and then they would all decide to leave to go get coffee; it was then, that the person would die. Or the opposite was true, patients would hold on, waiting for a birthday, an anniversary, or for someone to visit. Once that special occasion passed or the person they were hoping to see came to visit, it was then that the person would pass.

It was during this time that I started to wonder what happens when we die? Where do we go? This is when I started to develop my spiritual beliefs.

I also believe in fate and I’ve experienced it many times in my life. I can remember being 21 and travelling through Europe on my own. One day I was sitting in a train station and for some reason I decided to get up and move from where I was sitting. Moments later the glass above me shattered to the ground. I believe that I was divinely guided. In the beginning I would question those whispers and gut feelings I had. Now, it is those little voices or my intuition that I do my best to always listen to and trust.

On the same trip there were a couple of times where I ended up in a train station, in a new town and had no place to sleep that evening. As fate would have it, each time I would meet up with some wonderful other travellers. Together, we would find a place to stay and then we would end up travelling and seeing the sights together.

Later in my career, I studied psycho-dramatic body work with Susan Aaron in Toronto. I really enjoyed this type of body work and it became a big part of my spiritual journey. It was during these training’s that many of my spiritual gifts really began to show up. I began to see my totem animals and was able to connect to them as well as connecting to my spirit guides. It is also when I started to channel for the first time. After completing these courses, I volunteered my time to assist in facilitating these groups. I worked with and facilitated along side many indigenous men and women. I learned many teaching about their culture.

I was also gifted my native name; Serpent Spirit Woman, by a native elder. I carry this name with great honour.

I have studied Shamanism with Michael Harner, his courses were great and they taught me so much about what it means to be a Shaman. In addition, I enjoy the teachings of Sandra Ingerman.

In my life many things have happened that prove to me that fate is a real thing.

During a teaching on Shamanism, I was journeying and I saw a vision of a property with Tamarack trees and a white church close by. The message I received is that it would start with the letter H, the property I later purchased was on Hinchcliffe Lake, That property fondly became known as “The Property.” I ran workshops, and women’s retreats here. I also had an Indigenous friend that built and ran sweat lodge ceremonies on the property as well.

I am very passionate about learning, healing and travelling the world. My travels have included many spiritual and highly energetic locations such as, Sedona, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Peru and India and Egypt; just to name a few.

The vortexes and energy in Sedona are incredible. My adventures in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos gave me greater insight into the Buddhist culture and I had the privilege to be blessed by monks.

In Peru I travelled to many different vortex’s accompanied by seasoned shamans. I have participated in many cleansing and clearing rituals, as well as Ayahuasca ceremonies while in the Amazon.

I had also been guided years ago to write a book that included affirmations. So, in 2019 I published my first book. It’s called You are worthy Find your light. It is a work book of affirmations. Many people have enjoyed working through it. I have had a lot of positive feedback on how helpful the book has been for so many. I am a Registered psychotherapist, and with my work with clients I spend a lot of time trying to help them learn to love themselves. Affirmations are a great way to start this journey.

In 2020, I spent 6 weeks in India where I met my guru Yogrishi Vishvketu. I did my yoga teacher training here and also spent time in an Ashram in Rishikesh. He would say “Happy toes, put a big smile on your face. Every day is your birthday enjoy it”. and “It’s your responsibility to share your gifts and bliss with the world”.

It was an amazing experience to be connected to my mind, body, and soul and I am so grateful for all of the teachings I learned while on this trip - Universal One Love

On my last trip to Egypt, I deeply connected with the energy of the pyramids, goddesses, gods and my chakra’s. I had amazing experiences and the energy was so powerful there. The energy felt so familiar to me, like I had been there before. A lot of messages came through as I visited the different pyramids. In the Isis pyramid I just felt this overwhelming sense of unconditional love.

When I stood before Sekhmet, I just started to cry, her energy was so powerful. Sekhmet has the head of a lioness; she spoke to me – she said that many people didn’t respect or like her. She encouraged me to continue on with my journey and practices and reminded me that not everyone will like me and that is OK. She said “Look at me, I am a Goddess with a lions head and people fear me but they love me once they get to know me”.

It was while I was visiting Egypt that I had the vision of opening a retreat centre and the name Healing Haven came to me in my dreams one night. I had already purchased this property before I left for Egypt and while I was there did a lot of intention setting, envisioning and asking for guidance on what it should look like and what I should offer.

Through all of my teachings and journeys everyone has always encouraged me to embrace and utilize my gifts, to share my essence with the world. It is a part of why I am here on this planet, to be a teacher and a role model.

It feels like Healing Haven is the culmination of my life's work and all the teachings I have learned. I would like to share all of this with people who are open to it.

My purpose on this planet and in the Universe is to be a teacher, a role model and a student. My vision and dream are to embrace and to share the essence of all of my gifts; and to be in service to other like-minded souls.

Your Host,
Diane Cassidy