Benefits of Retreats

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The benefits of attending a retreat

Retreat benefits include physical, emotional and psychological withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life: a chance to escape from the toxic effects of noise, information overload, unrealistic demands and the frantic busy-ness of 21st century living; to enjoy a safe haven in which you can start to recover from trauma and to heal on many levels. Depending on the topic of each retreat it can help you dive deeper in to your own personal trauma.

On retreat, life is simple. Every aspect of each day allows you to relax in a quiet environment in beautiful surroundings, often with walks and some form of meditation/quiet contemplation enabling you to go into a deeper, often ignored, part of yourself. They provide space in which to regain a sense of self, of calm, of sanity. It is a place in which you can exhale and surrender.

A true retreat is less about an actual place than about the energy. A personal retreat can offer you a chance to natural communing with nature in a beautiful, peaceful setting. However, most people prefer an organized Retreat.

Personal retreats can offer spiritual, meditation, yoga, goddess empowerment and personal development.

These days, one sees the term retreat used in connection with various relaxing breaks. The type and form of Retreat varies from purely religious ones, Buddhist silent meditation ones, sacred space spiritual ones, artistic/creative ones . . . plus those offering training workshops, complementary therapies, counselling yoga, meditation, spiritual development, life coaching etc.

The popularity of Retreats of all types increases year by year, as more and more of us feel the need to escape temporarily to a safe haven, to quieten our chattering minds so as to make sense of our lives and the many demands made of us. As well as allowing us a chance to do our own personal healing.

The benefits of our Retreats are many and varied including:

     Wonderfully rewarding on many levels
    A Retreat can be a life-changing experience providing true 'me time' to reconnect with your authentic self, to remember what brings you joy, and to achieve the clarity to start creating the means to have it;


     Refreshing, rejuvenating, re-energising and re-empowering
    So often we are at the limit of our endurance when we take a break and for many a holiday with 'loved ones' is far from a relaxing experience. A retreat can recharge batteries on many levels and bring new insights for positive life change;


     Deep relaxation and peace
    of mind bringing physical, mental and emotional benefits and also disconnecting you from all the demands, pressures, etc back home that pull you in so many directions. It is impossible to put a price on the profound benefit of being helped to connect with inner stillness and to find solace. The solitude of a retreat can provides a pause in the constant, demands of daily life. Time to reflect, renew and restore. Relaxing the mind is the natural complement to relaxing the body and to dealing with stressors;


     A shift in perception with a healthier perspective
    After a Retreat people tend to return to their busy, demanding lives with enthusiasm and clarity, with a fresh and healthier perspective – in effect, a sense of a 'new, empowered me' which changes their relationships with others, with life and with the world;


     Sacred space and spiritual connection
    When you experience the profound inner connection with the Divine within yourself, all of life makes much more sense, and is much more fun!


     Aid to recovery from illness
    The holistic benefits of a Retreat, especially one that includes complementary therapies, can be truly therapeutic;


     Transferable skills
    Those who treat themselves to regular Retreats find that the holistic benefits they derive creep into their every day lives, aiding clearer perception and balanced perspective, helping keep stress overload at bay. They learn to factor in healthy relaxation without feeling guilty about taking time out for self.


A Retreat can be a wonderful experience, a booster and an accelerator. Much can be realized in a short time in shifting perception and re-establishing what really matters.

We are each unique, with individual preferences and needs. No one Retreat can possibly suit all. A retreat as a way of relaxing, de-stressing regaining equilibrium may not appeal to everyone.

Why don’t you try one today and see how it makes you feel.
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